Peoples Transmission is in Business!

The day is finally here!  I have been working with industry experts, friends and family, and everyday consumers for months to put Peoples Transmission together.  What is my main goal?  To find honest mechanics for honest people. 

The automotive repair industry has earned a rough reputation amongst consumers because of dishonest mechanics.  Studies show that you can avoid being ripped off by a mechanic by educating yourself about the job the shop is trying to sell you.  But with the complexity of today's vehicles, especially transmissions, it's very difficult to educate yourself at a level that will give you confidence in who you are choosing to pay for your vehicle's repairs.  That's where Peoples Transmission comes in.  Peoples Transmission pre-screens all of the shops we recommend to make sure your money is spent wisely towards transmission repairs at no cost to you.

Go to Peoples Transmission right now and talk to me, Jon, about finding a quality transmission technician in your area today.

Peoples Transmission

Peoples Transmission is dedicated to help consumers find a competent, well equipped, and most importantly, honest transmission specialist to perform transmission repairs to their vehicles.

Today’s vehicles are complicated; strict emissions standards, driver comforts and cost savings have tremendously increased the complexity of vehicles when it comes to transmission repairs.  Peoples Transmissions will take the guesswork out of finding a qualified transmission specialist in your area so that you can get your vehicle back on the road with a sense of security.

Jon Rodriguez has been in the transmission repair industry since 1994.  Jon started as an entry level technician, and moved his way up in the industry as a rebuilder, diagnostician, shop foreman, office manager, and most recently, worked with the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) as a technical advisor.  Jon has written several articles for Gears magazine and earned a gold and silver medal for two of his articles from the National Automotive Media Awards.  His experience and notoriety within the transmission industry gives Peoples Transmission the connections needed to make sure customers will find the right shop for their transmission repair needs.