Peoples Tranmission Repair on IWYS

The crew from I Wear Your Shirt did a great job representing Peoples Transmission. The day started out with Angela Seales' video featuring, Holly Mackeral:

I have to admit, I was surprised with Angela's daring video, but pleased with the line she rode with her humor. Hey, I did make over 2,000 stickers that say I Love Trannies. Neal Brooks did a great job with using the stickers, and in my opinion, did the best job explaining the service Peoples Transmission provides:

Jason Sadler's video depicted a Jason in distress over his BMW transmission failing. Truth is, I didn't even know the model transmission his new BMW had in it when he asked during his live show. Hey Jason, I know what the SMG is all about now:

Deandre Upshaw acted as if his Jeep was talking back at him! Actually, I hope the service writers at Peoples Transmission Certified shops look as cool as Andre did when they check out your car. Free stickers to whoever catches the mistake in the video. Hint: it's at the end:

The last video of the day was from the lovely Amber Plaster......or Bambi. Bambi, like most people, doesn't know trannies. There's probably very few things that Bambi knows, but the point is, Peoples Transmission will back Bambi up when some chooch of a mechanic tries to stiff her, over tranmission repairs. Don't worry Bambi, you have a big brother:

Thanks to all of the IWYS crew for the day! January 28, 2011 has been one of the busiest days since the company started.

Transmission Repair using Peoples Transmission

Peoples Transmission certifies all of our recommended transmission repair shops based on qualifications, reputation and customer satisfaction. How do we find this information?
  1. We start by finding repair shops that are members of popular automotive services like ASE, ASA, and ATRA. Quality shops use services like these to keep their technicians up to date, and to reference material needed for working on today's complex vehicles.
  2. Reputation: When people have to pay thousands of dollars for transmission repair, you can bet they will complain when their transmission problems are not solved. Peoples Transmission checks records from organizations like the BBB, the Bureau of Automotive Repair (applicable states), and looks for any online complaints in forums and consumer review listings. If there are complaints that have gone unanswered or there are too many complaints, we don't certify them.
  3. Customer satisfaction. We receive feedback from every customer we send to a shop. If there's anything the customer doesn't like about the shop, we try to fix it. If the customer doesn't trust or understand what the shop is telling them, Jon can call the shop to make sure the repairs or price make sense. If we decide the shop is unfair, they are no longer a certified shop, period!

It's already stressful when dealing with transmission problems. Let us help take some of the stress away by making sure your money is going to a business that deserves it, and having someone that truly cares about the integrity of the automotive industry on your side.