Recall for 2005-2008 Toyota Corrola and Matrix Vehicles, Pontiac Vibe

I just recently received a call from a customer in Dallas, Texas.  She was concerned with a letter she received in the mail from Toyota about her 2007 Toyota Corolla.  The letter was informing her that a safety recall is requiring the vehicle's Engine Control Module (ECM) to be replaced.  The ECM's have a defect and could cause the engine to suddenly stall while driving. (Click on this link to see a copy of the letter:  Her main concern was, approximately one year before she received this notice, the ECM was replaced by a local garage for a P2716 (Pressure Control Solenoid D Circuit) Code.

Her main questions were:

1. Does the ECM that was installed a year prior still have a problem?

2. She paid over $1,000 to have the ECM installed last year.  How can she be compensated for that repair that is now covered under this recall?

Two valid questions, especially since the ECM was replaced based on a bulletin that Toyota released in September of 2007 for the P2716 code. (Click on this link to see a copy of the factory bulletin:

To answer question 1, I don't know yet.  The only way to know if an updated ECM was installed is to see the actual factory recall notice the Toyota technicians have.  Being the recall is so new, the factory bulletin is not yet available to the aftermarket.  I'm going to set out some feelers to see if I can get a hold of it.  On that bulletin, there should be some part numbers that will tell the technician if the existing ECM is one of the effected models.

Question number 2, the following is a copy from the factory letter:

6. Is the repair covered by warranty?  Will I have to pay any money out of pocket for this repair?
This repair will be performed at no charge to the customer. Owners who have previously paid for replacement of the ECM to address this specific condition should refer to their owner letter for reimbursement consideration instructions.
Key words here: "reimbursement consideration".  Only time will tell how Toyota is going to deal with this. 
Here's another twist: The 2005-2008 Pontiac Vibes were built by Toyota and have the same drivetrain as the Corolla and Matrix. reports Toyota recalling the Vibes for the same problem with stalling.  These vehicles also had the same problem with the ECM's causing the P2716 code, but Pontiac never released a technical bulletin for the issue.  Being there was only 161,754 Vibes built with the issue compared with over 1.3 million Corollas and Matrix vehicles, GM just didn't see it as a big enough issue.
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