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Cars can be cruel.  They will be your best friend when you need a ride, a good wing man/woman while out on a date, and help you relax while listening to your favorite song, zipping past the countryside......then BAM!  You're stuck on the side of the road with a car that won't even talk to you!  You beg your vehicle to come back, but it wants nothing to do with you now. 

Where do you turn?  Who do you call for help?  A repair shop?  Which one?  Tow service, AAA, dad, husband, brother, cousin, uncle.......AARGH!  "I'm just going to send out a tweet then think about it.", you say to yourself.  s-t-u-c-k   o-n   t-h-e   s-i-d-e   o-f   t-h-e   r-o-a-d   w-i-t-h   a   b-r-o-k-e   a-*-*   t-r-a-n-s-m-i-s-s-i-o-n, is posted on twitter and possibly your Facebook, using your phone.  Now you start working on getting a tow truck or at the least, a ride to where you were going.  Within a few minutes, your phone is beeping with alerts from your friends and possibly people you have never talked to, offering help.  How did that happen?

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It happened because you not only set up your social media accounts to keep in contact with your friends and family, you have your social media presence ready to go with contacts  that can help you when your car breaks down.  Just this last weekend, I helped three people in need  with their vehicle's transmission through Twitter.  These people simply put an @peoplestrans in front of their 127 letter message about their transmission problem.  Within a few minutes, they had someone talking to them about what to do next.  @ is a teacher of sign language for children.  She was just venting about her Volvo transmission on a Saturday afternoon when I saw her tweet.  Within minutes, she had someone to talk to about her transmission troubles.  @UFCfanWI needed some instructions for checking the fluid on one of his customer's Ford Explorer.  He had the info in no time!  (@UFCfanWI sells auto parts in Onalaska, WI)
Another tweeter (who wishes to stay anonymous) received help with his Volkswagon Jetta while stuck on the side of the road in Chicago.  Peoples Transmission had his car waiting at a qualified shop, first thing this morning.

Even without directly contacting @peoplestrans, just sending a tweet to your followers about transmissions can lead you to someone that wants to help you get back on the road.  The same goes for Facebook.  Adding a service like Peoples Transmission's Facebook page can make it easier for you to get help when the time finally does come with the death of your transmission.


Hilary Kimbel said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! I have been really interested in finding out more about transmission repair in Huntington Beach, CA... Where can I go for that?

Hendersonrose92 said...

This is brilliant! The internet has become such a powerhouse that something like this is really helpful. I've had so many problems with my car that could have been fixed relatively easily had someone just given me some advice. I could have saved some money as well. Thank you!

Rich Brooke said...

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